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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, provided they meet community guidelines. Storm doors must be solid and clear see through doors. Burglar/security doors are not permitted. Storm doors may be added to the front or rear doors without modification requests being submitted.
Yes, but a modification request is necessary to ensure that the changes are consistent with both the aesthetics of the community and the COSF guidelines.
The bylaws state no on street parking. In addition, the streets are narrow and do not allow for ample ingress and egress with cars parked on the street. In times of an emergency this would impede rescue efforts.
Yes. The only animals permitted in the community are those legally classified as household pets. Animals such as chickens or wild animals are not permitted per community guidelines. All household animals must be kept in the home and should be on a leash if ever walked outdoors. Please note COSF and Fulton County also prohibit tying animals to trees and other outdoor structures. Proper care of your animal will ensure you don’t receive code violations.

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